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Speur Aviation strives to exceed expectations, not just help clientele comply with regulations 

With offices in Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, Speur Aviation has an enviable position in being able to advise both inside and outside of EASA boundaries




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We’ve all felt tired, we’ve all had a long day and felt weary, looking forward to getting some rest.  Fatigue can be acute, prolonged, or chronic.  Both are major considerations for the safety of aviation operations.  All personnel can suffer from fatigue, not just...

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To err is human…

To err is human…

This popular saying is an old one. It comes from the 18th century English poet Alexander Pope. "Err" comes from the Latin word "errare,” meaning “to stray or wander.” Related words, such as errant and erroneous, have the same Latin origin.  But the noun form of “err,”...

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What is a SAFA?

What is a SAFA?

The EU Ramp Inspection Programme is a European Programme regarding the performance of ramp inspections on aircraft used by third country operators (SAFA) or used by operators under the regulatory oversight of another EU Member State (SACA). If an operator has...

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Web Manuals offers an all-in-one document management system for the aviation industry. Their solution enables Easier Editing, Structured Reviewing Automatic Compliance Monitoring, and Controlled Distribution of documents and manuals. Being the world leader in document digitization, Web Manuals set the standard by providing an easy-to-use solution enabling end-to-end control, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency. With Web Manuals, you become part of more than 20.000 aviation professionals that now write & publish compliant manuals with ease. For further information please visit

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